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Dr. Jai-Hyon Rho

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Patient Testimonials

“I’m very happy with Dr. Rho’s care. He is excellent and very knowledgeable about the best course for medication and got me back into balance.”- Jack N., age 67

“Dr. Rho is a magnificent genius in patient neurology treatment. His approach is with knowledge, empathy, understanding and sensitivity. I am never made to feel that I’ve asked a silly question in Dr. Rho’s office. Anything that bothers me is important to him. He treats each patient with individual care. Quite simply, Dr. Rho has given me hope for the future as a person, not a ‘freak’.” – Louisa M., age 30

“Dr. Rho is a very nice and caring doctor with good patient care. His attention to my medical needs are effective, helpful and improve the quality of my life.” -Michael L., age 70